How Do I Care For My Jewelry?


Your wire wrapped jewelry is handcrafted with the utmost care, intention and is made to last. Your new piece of jewelry is made of semi-precious metals and gemstones, and require a certain level care to maintain their shine and luster. 

Avoid water, lotions, perfumes, and moisture on your jewelry. These things can build up and create a layer on the jewelry and may do harm over time. 

If a layer of 'gunk' starts to build up on/around the wires of your piece of jewelry you can take a hard bristled brush, or even a tooth brush and scrub that 'gunk' off. 

All metal tarnishes over time, however, a quick clean and polish will bring your piece back to it's shiny glory. Polishing cloths are an easy way to clean your jewelry on a regular basis.

Copper and Jewelers Bronze will naturally oxidize and darken over time, but can still be polished with your polishing cloth to shine again.

Be gentle with your new piece. Some stones are not as strong on the Mohs scale of hardness as others and have different breaking points. Some stones should not be left in direct light--color will fade. Do some research on your new stones if you feel inclined to learn more about their crystal care.